December 21, 2012

Weir may end up being good for Grady

GRADY COUNTY — I don't think it's any secret that Sheriff-elect Jim Weir and I have had our blows. In August I wrote an editorial stating that he and his opponent at the time were both unfit for the position for which they were campaigning. I have written more than one news article that could be construed as negative in regards to Mr. Weir.

After speaking with him on Thursday, I have to say that have some renewed faith in our sheriff-elect.

When I was first told that he had let some of the current sheriff's deputies know they wouldn't have a job come January a week ago, I was skeptical about his methods and approach. He told me his decision to let these men and women know they were being terminated was made after numerous conversations with several elected officials. the goal of which being to give these people ample time to find another job.

I can't argue with this logic.

He instituted a new policy that every sheriff's deputy can live no further than five miles outside of Grady County. Upon hearing this rumor, my initial reaction was one of disgust. I knew this would affect a couple of our current deputies that have worked diligently for Sheriff Art Kell.

I spoke with Weir and he explained his logic in this move was simply to create a better response time for Grady County residents should their be some police emergency.

I will make no secret about being a fan of outgoing Sheriff Kell. I consider the man to be a phenomenal sheriff, human and friend, but again I can't argue with Weir's logic here. My job is to look out for the interest of the people and with that in mind, Weir seems to have adopted a policy that does just that.

All-in-all I can't find anything legally or morally to fault Weir on in his decisions so far. He has kept his promise to give a chance to all those currently employed by the sheriff's department to retain their jobs and has actually offered positions to seven of them one way or another.

It is important to note, that my dogged attitude and dedication to holding elected officials accountable for their actions will not change, but I have to say, I would like nothing more than to eat crow on all of the negative editorials I have written about Weir and I now believe that could be a possibility.

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