November 7, 2012

Graffiti creates driving irritation

CHICKASHA — After passing through the underpass of I-40, the area known to locals as "Graffiti Bridge", for the past 20 years now I have seen an assortment of rude, trashy, funny, colorful and offensive tags, however none as "redneck-classy" as the one that has marked its walls for the past month or so.

As one can see in the picture, he took the time to give it a loving boarder of XOXOXO's and even drew a picture of a nice wedding ring. He was direct and to the point stating his love for "baby", then asking for her hand in marriage. He stressed how she should be his and that his love for her is greater than life itself.

I think if one looks closely enough at the picture they can deduct that two vandals were more than likely at the scene. If you look at the scribbled out blob in the upper left hand corner, I think that after "Topher" painted his ring of choice the other person stopped him and said, "Why not go for the gusto and paint a really big diamond... it won't cost you anything." Or something to that effect.

Though these words are less crude than the remarks next to them, give me a break "Topher". I have been waiting for her response now for weeks and it doesn't look like she is taking you up on the offer.

While your way to a women’s heart is up there with the "best of 'em" - Paint back over your remarks. I think a concrete gray will suffice.

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