Please allow me the opportunity to say a public thank you to all who participated in the Washington, D.C., Legislative Trip, sponsored and organized by the Greater Enid Chamber of Commerce. We are privileged to live in a community with a strong and positive reputation in Washington. Everyone we talked to already knew a great deal about Enid and our relationship with Vance, and that is primarily due to our continued efforts to keep Enid on the political radar.

First, I would like to thank Jon Blankenship, chamber president, who has planned, organized and attended these trips for nearly 20 years now. Every year, Jon makes sure that we get to the right place at the right time, meet the right people, and say the right things to insure that Enid is on the minds of Congressional and Military leadership, and in a positive light. Trust me, they know us very well and they like us.

Second, I would like to thank Mike Cooper. Mike is well known in every building we visit. From the Pentagon to the Capitol, and to the offices of each Representative and Senator, he is recognized and warmly received. As a consultant representing Enid, he works hard at spreading the Enid story and telling of her virtues. He does a great job and is passionate about bragging on Enid.

My thanks also go out to Mayor Bill Shewey and the city commissioners for their attendance, and Eric Benson, city manager, for his support, by insuring that some members of the city staff also have the opportunity to offer their support and expertise in this effort. Although it is a Chamber event, the city of Enid recognizes the need to stay on the minds of our nation’s leadership, and supports this trip every year.

Finally, thanks to the Greater Enid Chamber members that took time from their busy schedule to support the trip. In today’s political climate, the importance of continued contact with both Federal and State leadership, concerning our community and our future needs, cannot be emphasized too greatly. We must stay in touch.

Ernie Currier, chairman

Greater Enid Chamber of Commerce


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