February 3, 2011

Dean McDaniel Jr.



The duties included giving speeches to the public as well as leading business meetings.  Dean was on the edge of the cliff, could not turn back, so he took the plunge and eventually got over stage fright.

Dean eventually went on to earn a bachelor of science degree in biology at Bethany Nazarene College.  Upon graduation he immediately proceeded to graduate school where he received the master of public health from the University of Oklahoma with a specialty in environmental health.  In 2008 he completed a masters degree in information systems at Tarleton State University.

At the University of Oklahoma one of Dean’s classmates was Glenn Williamson.  Glenn graduated one semester ahead of Dean, and following his graduation and throughout his career often led the way for Dean on his career path.  

Following Glenn’s graduation, he went to work for OSHA, and Dean received many calls from him during his first months saying come on in and the water’s fine.

Taking his lead, Dean did apply to work for OSHA and was hired for a position as an industrial hygienist in Kansas City, Mo. That began his 35 years career with OSHA.

One thing Dean said about working for the organization is that you help improve work conditions for workers.  Once that gets in your blood you don’t want to leave even for a higher salary.

Although the general public doesn’t  realize what goes on under the hood, and there are a variety of strong opinions on the organization, those who work there know deep inside that they are improving working conditions for workers throughout this country.   

Dean said they work hard to provide protections, so that workers will go home with all their fingers and hands at the end of the day, and they are free of toxins and adverse chemicals.

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