March 17, 2013

Edward Charles Hicks


This discussion brought Ed into the food service industry where he would become very well known. In 1979 Ed opened and operated Taco Mayo in Chickasha. This was the fourth Taco Mayo opened and was the first franchise Taco Mayo. Over the next six years, Ed consistently operated the most efficient franchise and competed with other Taco Mayo restaurants in much larger markets for top sales. During this same time frame Ed opened two more Taco Mayo restaurants in Durant, Oklahoma and Altus, Oklahoma.

In 1985 Ed sold the Taco Mayo restaurants and purchased the Sand Man Hotel property in Chickasha, Oklahoma. During the summer of 1985, Ed with the help of his family, sand blasted, scraped and completely remodeled the old Sand Man Restaurant and on August 20, 1985 Ed opened Eduardo’s in Chickasha. After the success Ed found with his restaurant in Chickasha, he opened a second Eduardo’s in Duncan, Oklahoma in March, 1988. In March of 1992, Ed ventured into the barbeque business by opening Hickies’ BBQ in Duncan, Oklahoma, another

success. In 2001, Ed opened Eduardo’s in Ada, Oklahoma and in 1994 founded A&E Grill in Chickasha, Oklahoma.

After many years of success with Eduardo’s in Chickasha, Ed made the decision to build a new building, which is where Eduardo’s is located today. The new building is located where the Sand Man Hotel was built many years ago.

Ed could be seen on a daily basis in his restaurant, serving the customers he so deeply cared about. He could always be relied on for a smile, an encouraging word, or just someone who would sit down and visit with you during your meal.

Despite his fight with rheumatoid arthritis, Ed exhibited a love for life and for his fellow man that is rarely seen in anyone. He refused to allow the disease to interfere with his desire to be what he wanted. Ed taught and exhibited characteristics of honor and integrity in everything he did. He will always be known for the help he gave to those who needed it. Ed had the ability to take someone and help them achieve their dreams, as evidenced in multiple lives. He could always be heard saying, “You can do anything you want if you put your mind to it.” With Ed, there were no limits to what a person could accomplish. Ed frequently looked to Teddy Stallbaumer for inspiration.

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