Grady County Deputy Lt. Michael Laffoon has been selected to serve with the U.S. Department of Justice Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) Task force.  

DEA group supervisor Scott Smith contacted the Grady County Department asking if  Laffoon and his leadership would take this appointment into consideration based upon Laffoon’s character, integrity and experience.  

“Law enforcement from other agencies benefit tremendously from our task force," Smith said. "The Deputy will bring back the best training the United States has to offer for drug enforcement.”  

While serving the DEA, Grady County will benefit from strong drug enforcement provided by the DEA, which will be used in seeking out drug dealers with the latest intelligence US Justice Department can offer.

While working with DEA, the Sheriff’s Department will receive a portion of the forfeited assets from drug dealers and anything related with drugs.  

“This is an honor for Grady County to have this opportunity for one of its own deputies selected to work with the top drug enforcement agency in the world," Grady County Sheriff Art Kell said.

"We feel that Mike will represent our county with respect and honor and bring valuable learning experience and training to our department and other county law enforcement agencies.”

Laffoon will be with DEA up to one year. He will continue to perform his duties with Grady County.  

Laffoon will be assigned to the DEA Oklahoma City District Office; Laffoon will also be used around the country when needed.  

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