Mayor Ross presented the "Employee of the Quarter" award to Charli Nye. Nye was hired in December 2009 as a part-time Records Clerk. In August Nye moved to full-time status. According to the city, she is an exceptional employee and demonstrates integrity and professionalism.

Lauren Carter
The Express-Star

Coyotes and the police station relocation were among concerns raised by Chickasha citizens at Monday's City Council meeting.

Bobby Wallace reported that her dog was attached last week when something came into her yard, and she said she believes a coyote is responsible.

Wallace explained she tried contacting the city manager's office and the chief of police and got nowhere.

"This could be a child," Wallace said. "This could be an elderly person. I'm not the only one. I guess I'm the only one brave enough to say anything."

City Manager Stewart Fairburn insisted the city will look into a solution, in the mean time, Fairburn explained, Wallace can protect herself.

Fairburn said the city is not equipped to fight off coyotes but it will seek outside help to address the issue.

Lifelong resident Mark Trammell voiced his concerns with moving the police building from downtown to near the high school.

When Trammell first heard the news of relocating the Chickasha Police Department building he said he thought to himself, "How dare they move the police building."

Trammell explained he walked the streets of Chickasha and got the citizens' opinions.

"No one liked the idea," Trammell said.

Chickasha Police Chief Eddie Adamson responded, explaining how the new building suits the police department much better.

Adamson said the railroad tracks Trammell targeted as a problem are in fact, not going to affect the police deputies at all. Administration and detectives are at the building during the day, while officers are patrolling around town.

Sheriff Jim Weir made comments to the council about relocating the sheriff's office to the future vacant police building in downtown.

"We're sheriffing out of a double-wide," Weir said. "It's kind of a joke around the county."

Weir suggested the city consider giving the sheriff's office a token rent.

"It would be a win-win for both of us," Weir said.

In other city news, council members approved renewing the bid award for a tractor rental with Standridge Equipment for the parks department.

Council authorized staff to solicit bids for the construction of the Farmer's Market roof project.

Council also authorized awarding a bid for concession beverage products used at the sports complex.

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