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Ninnekah School District’s financial savings this past year have not come at the cost of their facilities.

Superintendent Todd Bunch said the district has maintained and improved their facilities, while continuing to grow their end of the year carryover.

With the carryover estimate approaching $422,000, Bunch said the district is not spending money just to spend it.

“We are still spending money on things we really need,” said Bunch.

Bond and insurance money has helped pay for some of the larger changes on campus.

Ninnekah’s most recent bond issue has paid to remodel the exterior of the gym, remodel some of the high school interior and add new heating and air units to the high school and gym.

A high wind and rain storm last summer ruined the hard wood floor in the Physical Education building. Fortunately, the damage was covered under insurance.

The Board of Education took the opportunity to replace the flooring with a composite material called GerFlor. Easier to maintain with a longer life than a wood floor, the floor has been used in Olympic competitions.

The board had a chance at the Thursday night meeting to check out their new floor, which had recently been installed.

Contrasting with the bouncy new floor was the flappy scraps of carpet covering the walls. Bunch was already one step ahead of board member comments, though, and had a bid to replace the carpeting already on the agenda.

The board approved Cedar Creek Carpet to recarpet the P.E. building walls along with relaying the bottom molding and running a rubber stopper along the top of the carpet.

Bunch said the area above the carpet will have some of its styrofoam replaced as well. Board President Rusty Garrett asked if perhaps a more solid material would look better and not dent like the styrofoam.

Bunch said the styrofoam has been used to keep down the echo in the building.

Discussing financials during in the meeting, Bunch informed the board members of his new estimate for the annual carryover, announcing they are only $30,000 shy of their goal of $450,000 for the general fund.

“Barring catastrophe, it will be at least that amount,” Bunch said referring to the $422,000 estimate.

“That’s pretty awesome,” said Garrett.

“Okay, can we get on the table and dance,” said board member Kelly Pearcy. Both members have been on the board during much of the struggling period.

A high carryover has already started working for the district. The school has not had to issue any non-payable warrants and has been able to collect interest on their savings over the past year.

Once the district achieves its goal of stability in the general fund, it still has goals in the building fund and child nutrition fund to achieve.

The child nutrition fund actually needed a supplement appropriation which was approved Thursday night.

Bunch said the popularity of programs such as the summer food program have increased the amount of spending from that particular fund.

With the end of school this past Thursday, Ninnekah Summer Food Program is set to begin on Monday, May 22. Breakfast and lunch is free to any child that shows up. Adults can eat too for a minimal fee.

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