Viola Blevins is thought to be the oldest resident within the city limits of Verden. On May 15 she celebrated her 94th birthday with some of her family and a host of friends around her. The party was put together by one of her daughters. When Viola walked into the Senior Center in Verden, she was surprised to see birthday balloons and all her friends there.

She has seen see the birth 17 grandchildren, 17 great-grandchildren and six great-great grandchildren. Blevins attributes her long life to staying busy, working hard and serving the Lord. She was born on May 15, 1912 in Sulphur, Ok. She has always lived in Oklahoma. Her children say they were raised in the country and ate off the land.

“My motto is God gave you the earth to provide food for you,” Blevins said.

Before she moved into town, Blevins was know to help out the needy when her garden produced all it was going to, she gave some away, ate some and sold the rest.

Blevins knows hard work, she spent many a long hours out in the cotton fields of Oklahoma in her youth. Working for what you get is what she tried to instill in her children. “always do a good days job,” she used to tell them. “Don’t waste a day, do all you can with the day the Lord gave you.”

And on her birthday, friends and family are hoping the lord sees fit to give Viola Blevins many, many more days.

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