A bill proposed by State Rep. David Perryman would continue to allocate funding generated by motor vehicle registration for school and infrastructure uses at 35 percent.

Initially, a bill that took effect in 2000 established 35 percent of revenue generated from Oklahoma motor vehicle registrations were allocated for such projects.

Perryman said in 2015 HB2244 capped the amount of money generated from these registrations at the 2015 gross dollar value produced.

“It states any increase beyond that value will go into the general fund,” he said.

The bill Perryman authored for this legislative session, HB 1329 keeps the percentage of money generated at 35 percent of revenue gained from vehicle registrations with no cap on the gross amount.

“The amount of revenue generated will continue to rise and this bill allows us to maintain the percentage of that revenue that is appropriated for school and county infrastructure projects without a gross dollar amount cap,” Perryman said.

Should the bill fail, the gross amount of money allocated to schools and county infrastructure projects will be no greater than the dollar amount generated in the 2014 / 2015 fiscal year.

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