October 4, 2013

Lions storm to victory over rivals Bridge Creek

Matt Montgomery
The Express-Star


The word “overwhelming” comes to mind, but barely describes Blanchard’s 54-0 win over Bridge Creek accurately.

The game was shortened to just three quarters as lighting approached the field with incoming storms.

Even some of the Lions (5-0) fans, after weeks of doing about the same thing to other teams vying to ruin their repeat state title run, had to be surprised by just how easy it was at times for their team to run up the score. That’s not to say the big win didn’t come without resistance from the Bobcats, who go 0-4 after the defeat. Quarterback Jimmy Wynne did his absolute best, slinging the ball around for a couple of first downs.

But it was Braden Stringer, who had more than 200 yards rushing in the first half alone along with 5 touchdowns, that really stole the show. He made it clear early on that was his mission.

After returning the kickoff to midfield, it took Stringer one play to add big to his total yardage. The 50-yard jaunt was capped with an extra point, and less than a minute into the game it was already 7-0. The next touchdown took a few more plays, but the short punt by the Bobcats facing a strong wind made the field short for Blanchard. Stringer burst through the three yards, making the tacklers look like water off the back of a duck to take it to 14-0.

He did it again on their next drive. Try as they might, there was just no room to run for the Bobcat offense, and another punt became another quick score. From 33 yards out, Stringer made it look easy for his third touchdown. He had his fourth before the first frame was done on a 12-yard run, and the game was over with not even 12 minutes played.

By this time, the Lions had room to spread the wealth. Kanon Kirchner took his opportunity as the first quarter ended and ran for a touchdown to make it 34-0. Things got less rosy later on when the Lions found themselves backed up to the four yard line. That only made Stringer run farther, 94 yards to be exact all the way to the end zone for his fifth touchdown of the night

After about a quarter and a half of silence, the Bobcat camp was rustled into action with a gutsy play call. On their own 44 yard line on fourth down, the punt was a fake and ended up in the hands of Mason Trevino, who scrambled 39 yards all the way down to the Lions’ 25 yard line.

That drive was devastatingly stopped by an interception that took Blanchard across midfield to the 47 yard line. It resulted in another Lions touchdown to make the score 48-0 at halftime.

Blanchard started the second half without much of their starters on the bench. The result was the same. Ashton Yeargin got a pass on an out rout to run three yards into the end zone that made the score 54-0 to end the third quarter. Soon after, the weather ended the game early.