September 26, 2013

Playing Through Pain

Morris turns early injuries into building blocks

Adam Troxtell
The Express-Star


For as many times as senior Cade Morris has been in the thick of a Fightin' Chicks offensive drive to score a vital touchdown over his four years playing football, he's spent about just as many on the sidelines wondering how exactly he ended up there.

He never lost faith that football was for him, though; the injuries he suffered that kept him off the field for almost entire seasons early on only proved to strengthen his resolve, his faith, and fortunately for Chickasha fans, his game.

"I've always wanted to play college football, and I still have the chance depending on how this season goes," Morris said. "The main thing that kept me going, first and foremost, is the relationship I have with God and knowing he had a plan for me. I had always grown up knowing that."

Morris is Chickasha through and through. He was brought up in the "little big town" and the community he is so fond of. Like many boys, he got into sports at an early age. Basketball was Cade's first sport, followed by t-ball, baseball, and a little bit of soccer. It wasn't until he was a teenager that football found its place.

"I didn't start playing football until seventh grade year," he said. "I couldn't do Mighty Mites. My parents wouldn't let me, and it wasn't necessarily because they didn't want me to get hurt. They would rather me wait until my middle school years to learn in the high school system and not have to worry about changing from one style to another style."

Football runs in the Morris blood. His father, Coby Morris, played corner back for the Fightin' Chicks and was part of the 1985 state semifinal team. Brother Drake also played for Chickasha as a running back, and the youngest Morris wanted to follow in his big brother's footsteps.

"The first practice of seventh grade, I wanted to be a running back," Morris said. "The quarterback we had at the time just wasn't catching on, didn't understand it. So, the first practice I was moved to quarterback, and I was told it would be more of a running thing, almost like two running backs."

While he still may hit the holes created for him by the Chickasha offensive line like a running back, Morris soon found himself performing all of the duties a responsible to a quarterback. With each game, he grew more and more accustomed to throwing in the Chickasha offense, and by the time he was a freshman, the coaches were even prepared to give him a little time on varsity. Sadly, his full Fightin' Chicks debut would have to wait. 

"The first freshmen game of the year was when I messed up my ac joint in my shoulder, so I didn't get to play the rest of that year on either team," Morris said. "That was the first injury I had ever had. It was pretty intense. Luckily it wasn't in my throwing arm. I had range of motion, but it was just the pain. I had surgery on it, and I was out for four months. Then I had to do rehab. That was probably the hardest time I have experienced."

For the full feature on Cade Morris, pick up the Friday, Sept. 27, copy of the Express-Star.