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July 12, 2013

Pennypacker returns to team that made him



"I believe so, yes," Pennypacker said about the Fightin' Chicks having a chance to copy or better last year's efforts. "We're in a unique situation. It's almost like I've got a team that's brand new. There are the younger guys I know. tThe older guys have been there, but many of them were not playing as much. E.J. and Joey are hard to replace, but I think this is a good group of guys."

Either way, Pennypacker said he is happy to be back at the team that gave him his first coaching experience three years ago and at the school where he found basketball success before.

"My initial reaction when I found out was 'yeah, let's do it.' That's a basic human reaction, though. After thinking about it, I knew I would really love to come back and coach where I had played and where I had success before."

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