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May 3, 2014

Soccer a way back for Mosley after cancer battle



"I knew what I was going to have to go through again," he said. "There were no surprises, so maybe that made it a little bit easier. I went to the hospital for the 22 day stay with a soccer ball so I could play in there."

His club team in the city, South Lakes Soccer Club, was there to help. They raised $2,200 for the Mosley's during all of this. Cooper used it to buy a Wii for the wing of OU Children's he stayed in, to buy gifts for friends he made there, and used a little left over to get himself an iPad.

Even in the hospital, Cooper's competitive spirit shone. When he entered on Dec. 14, the nurses told him the record for fastest recovery was 21 days. He had his eyes set on it, and came up just one day short with 22.

He was out and immediately began playing soccer, this time with current USAO head coach Jimmy Hampton who was careful to monitor Cooper's progress. While it was a steady build back to top form, Chris said he was happy to get his son back in the game he loves.

"I know how he enjoys the game, how he forgets about all problems," Chris said. "You hate to be the 'bad parent' but I pushed him back as quickly as possible, because I didn't want him just sitting around thinking about it. When he's with his teammates, it puts him in a different mindset."

His mother, Suezhen, says she noticed it aged Cooper mentally.

"It made him more mature," she said. "In junior high especially, what other kids are worried about, it was just irrelevant to him."

In the present day, it all has contributed to the way Cooper plays the game. He says it made him a tougher player.

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