August 28, 2012

OSU Sports Minute

Stillwater NewsPress

STILLWATER — With the departure of Brandon Weeden from the Oklahoma State offense, the title of 'Old Man' has subsequently been bestowed upon sixth-year senior lineman Jonathan Rush — though he is still five years younger than Weeden.

Rush, who was granted a waiver by NCAA for one more year of eligibility after suffering a season-ending injury against Texas A&M last season, will be taking part in his second, last season opener as a member of the Cowboy football program.

"I don't even think about it as my last season opener," Rush said with a laugh. "I just think about it as one more opportunity that has been given to me. Last year was kind of scratched, so this year is almost like a gift. It's just a weird feeling."

In contrast, the man he will be protecting in the backfield — true freshman quarterback Wes Lunt — will be making his first appearance at the college level. And Rush hopes he doesn't have to say much to the rookie quarterback.

"Hopefully the only thing I've got to say to him is 'good job.' I'm not going to dwell on the negatives, so hopefully that's all I'll be saying and hustle off the field," Rush said.

 — Jason Elmquist