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April 4, 2013

Faulkner focuses on future



Future Game Plan

In light of Faulkner’s injury, he is now focusing on his future game plan off the court.

Upon graduation, he plans to apply for graduate school to pursue a master’s of divinity in biblical and theological studies at the Southern Baptist Theological Seminary in Louisville, Ky.

After seminary, he said he plans to go overseas to do mission work.

A lot has happened to him the last four years that has led him to be where he is today, mainly due to the blessing of his friends, family and mentors.

“I began to pray and seek God out,” he said. “He really began to change my heart, giving me a heart to learn and teach the Bible.”

His mother shares joy in his decision to be such a passionate Christian and to advance the kingdom of God.

“I am very proud of Graham, and I don’t mean in an arrogant or boastful way,” Sherrie said. “It is very gratifying as a mom to see your child mature, use their God-given gifts and talents for a greater good and realize their potential.”

She wasn’t surprised by his decision to pursue ministry because it was something he said he wanted to do since he was a young boy. In fact, at 8 years old, Faulkner announced to his mother that he was going to be a preacher.

“I must admit that I didn’t take him seriously back then,” Sherrie said. “Now I see him, with such a passion to know God’s word, to understand it and share it.”

Basketball and Ministry

Through his connection and leadership in USAO’s Baptist Collegiate Ministries, Faulkner found himself traveling to China to use basketball as a means to connect with college students there.

“Personally, I learned a lot from them and how to respect people,” he said. “Honor and respect. They would come to basketball games and watch us play. They would stay the entire time no matter what. Their culture is about showing respect.”

Faulkner said he plans to continue using basketball as a means to minister to people and is looking forward to the next step in his journey as a Christian.

“God didn’t give me this talent to play basketball just so I can be prideful about myself and boast about the things I can do,” Faulkner said. “I now understand that God has given me these talents in basketball so I can use them to connect and draw these people in, so I can tell them about the most glorious thing that has ever happened, which is Jesus dying to save them and his resurrection completes their salvation.”

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