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October 30, 2013

Clift highlights Lady Chicks softball honorees



Then there's still the young pitcher, sophomore Kelsi Gore, who took home the district Defensive MVP award and was named the team's home run queen. For Furr, it is a big change from when he first arrived at Chickasha, when he says picking the batting lineup wasn't as difficult as it is now.

"I remember when I would sit down, write down the first three batters, and then think who's next," Furr said. "Now, when I do the lineup, it's like 'Man, I hate to have to start her on the bench' or 'Can't believe I have to bat her in the nine hole.' It's a tough job. We have a lot of great athletes."

A great athlete is what Furr says he saw in Clift when he first approached her about joining the softball team on top of her time with Chickasha basketball. 

"For someone who hasn't played softball, to do what she did and achieve what she has shows a lot about her overall athletic ability," Furr said. "Her determination makes a big difference."

The speedy senior, who recorded 60 stolen bases and 47 runs in 34 games this season, said she initially went back and forth on her decision to play.

"I was thinking about it, and I even texted coach Furr one year, but I decided not to go," Clift said. "Then, I decided I've got to get away from basketball for a little bit, so softball was kind of my go to sport to get away. It turned into my main sport and basketball was just a sport to go play." 

Now, the sport is taking Clift beyond high school and into the college ranks. While nothing is official yet, she said there is "no doubt" the next level of softball awaits.

"Softball was my way to college, and I feel like I have been playing it my whole life," Clift said. "I'm kind of upset I didn't play it my whole life, so I can get better and better."

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