September 6, 2012

Stillwater Sports Minute

Stillwater NewsPress

STILLWATER — Since a horrendous 2-4 road record in the 2007 season — which includes non-conference losses at Troy and Georgia — the Oklahoma State football has turned things around on the road.

The Cowboys have lost just four road games over the last four years with a road record of 16-4.

"Our coaches have convinced us we can win anywhere and I think our players have really caught on to that," running back Joseph Randle said.

"There are a number of guys playing who have won a lot of games on the road against quality teams. The question gets brought up now because we have a new quarterback," Mike Gundy said. "On the road sometimes you go as the quarterback goes because he touches the ball every play. We would like to think that we have enough guys who have played on the road and have had success that it should help us and make it easier than what we would have gone through three or four years ago."

— Jason Elmquist