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May 8, 2013

Drovers prepared for first national tournament



Being from the same conference, the Drovers faced OCU four times in the regular season and once in the SAC Tournament, and each time the Stars have found the win. OCU has been to five opening round tournaments and have won four.

“Every time we’ve played them, it’s just been a good game,” Ross said of the Stars. “One swing of the bat here or there determines the game.”

As for the other teams, Ross plans to scout the first game of the tournament, which takes place Thursday morning between Jamestown and Northwestern to get an idea of the talent and style of play.

“In baseball, you can dig through the stats and kind of sort out who the key players are and what you need to watch out for,” Ross said.

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Being so close and playing on a familiar field, the Drovers have a unique advantage over three of the other teams in the bracket.

“From a coaching standpoint its great for me because … this is what we’ve done all year,” Ross said. “It isn’t anything new. We are used to it. It’s been the routine for the last three months.”

Ross is hoping to get at least 50 Drover fans out to the game to cheer on the team. Admission will be $8 for adults and $5 for students 18 years and under per session.

“The fact that we are in Oklahoma City and have the ability to have a lot of fans for us is good for us,” Ross said. “I would love to have enough fans out there to make it feel like a home game even if it’s not in Chickasha. I think that’s doable. Our all club is fun to watch.”

The teams are competing for a berth in the 57th annual NAIA World Series on May 24-31 in Lewiston, Idaho. The winner of each of the nine opening round tournaments and Lewis-Clark State will compete in the NAIA World Series.

Tournament games will be available via live video at a rate of $8.95 per game or in a tournament package for $24.95.

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