August 30, 2012

OSU Sports Minute

Stillwater NewsPress

STILLWATER — Spending the last six years in the Oklahoma State program, offensive lineman Jonathan Rush knows pretty much all there is to know about Stillwater.

From where to park for classes to the best places to get cheap, good food Rush has become a walking, talking guidebook for incoming freshmen.

“I’m just trying to be a good guy,” Rush said. “The guys call me ‘unk,’ short for uncle, but I really see myself as more of a big brother. I remember how it felt to come in as a freshman, so I’m trying to help as many guys as I can — whether it’s finding an adviser or where to park or what to do for fun.”

When asked whether the jokes about his age will ever get old, Rush said he doesn’t see an end to them any time soon.

“I get my fair share of old jokes,” Rush said. “Freshmen don’t even understand how long I’ve been here. They ask me ‘Gosh Rush, how long have you been here?’ whenever I tell them little secrets on how to get around faster — little cheap tricks like that.”

— Nick Snow