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April 24, 2014

Lady Chicks soccer team is like a family...some are literally related



"It was definitely a lot different without her back there, with her presence in the goal and voice on the field," Amanda said. "But it was just about her wellbeing; we didn't want her to get hurt again."

Such unique emotions come into play when dealing with both teammate and family ties. Chickasha head coach Bethany Goble knows all too well how to cope with how this plays into the team atmosphere.

"I coached my younger sister when she was in high school, so I know the sibling rivalry," Goble said. "I have four sisters, I know how it works. I know if something happened at the house, she's mad at so-and-so, it's going to come out on the soccer field."

Rivalries and competitiveness are always going to exist, Amanda said, but it doesn't change the fact that all three are always behind each other.

"It's definitely made us closer, because it's another common ground," she said. "There's obviously sibling rivalry, in every family. But we're pretty close knit and always there for each other, supporting each other."

For Haley, it's another way to look up to her older siblings and grow in both the game and life.

"She's my sister, so I'll always look up to her," she said. "But being a leader on the team, it's something else you look at. It's competitive too, because there's that sister competition."

Their roles on the team compliment each other. Amanda is the more seasoned central midfielder, providing strength and security in a vital part of the pitch. Haley provides width out of defense, often times an outlet when things get too clogged in the middle.

It appears to have only added to a thriving team chemistry. Chickasha has enjoyed their first in Class 4A, with an 8-1 overall record and a 5-0 record in district. 

"Being a family is part of this program, but obviously they really are," Goble said. "So it's been interesting, fun; we're able to relate back to Casey, she's given them advice and it comes down the line."

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