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April 24, 2014

Lady Chicks soccer team is like a family...some are literally related


Soccer seems to run through the Black family bloodlines.

Regardless of where the daily routines of Amanda and Haley take them through Chickasha High School, they'll always start and end at the same place: home and then the pitch. Last year that also included older sister and Lady Chicks starting goalkeeper Casey, who graduated last spring.

Now it's down to senior central midfielder Amanda and sophomore defensive back Haley to uphold the family name in Chickasha soccer. 

"I don't think I play differently, but I know what she can do because I've watched her, practiced with her," Haley said about playing with her sisters. "I think it always made us tougher, too, because you always want to go harder on her in practice. It really makes you better."

It turns out last season was something of a blue moon situation for Chickasha soccer spectators. It was the only time all three Black sisters played on the same team together since they lined up on an under-14 squad with Chickasha Youth Soccer Association.

"Our parents started us in soccer when we were about four, for each of us, and we really loved it," Amanda said.

The seeds of the sisters' affection for the beautiful game were sown long before any of them existed when their parents, Kirk and Joyce, resided in England in the early 1990s. There, their father experienced the sport first-hand and hasn't been able to shake a love for it since.

"He always talks about how he played a few pick-up games with friends, his 'mates,' and he just fell in love with it," Haley said.

Now he's passed that along to his daughters, and by proxy, Chickasha soccer. With all three Black girls playing last year, the team finished 11-3-1 with a second round state playoff loss to Deer Creek. Unfortunately for Casey, her Lady Chicks career came to a premature end when she was unable to play in that game after suffering an injury in the previous match.

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