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November 27, 2012

Holiday sales show good profits for local grocer

CHICKASHA — As the first big holiday of the season becomes a memory and the turkey begins to vanish local grocery stores take count of the money they made and begin to rejoice in their holiday blessings.

Dunn's Manager Glen Orndoff said this year was real success.

"We did really well," he said. "It was very good."

Customer count was way up in Dunn's according to Orndorff.

"The dollar sales were way up," he said. "The community really came out and supported us."

Orndorff said his customers were buying the typical Thanksgiving eats like turkey, ham and items to make stuffing.

Although Dunn's saw a good deal of support, City Manager Stewart Fairburn said the city won't know how much money was made from the holiday for two months. That's when the city will receive its sales tax numbers according to Fairburn.

Despite no concrete data on the week's sales, Fairburn said he saw one location that seemed to be doing quite well.

"I saw a picture of the front of Walmart and it looked pretty busy," he said. "I have no idea how that translates into sales, but it definitely looked like it was going well."

Looking forward, Orndorff said he knows he has a few rough weeks leading up to Christmas, but he has a plan to keep business steady.

"We just have to stay competitive and maintain good customer service," he said. "That's what keeps people coming back."

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