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February 24, 2012

Ron Paul supporters bring about change at Republican convention

— It was standing room only at the traditionally quiet Grady County Republican Convention on Monday night in Chickasha.

With many of the new faces in the crowd sporting Ron Paul t-shirts and ball caps, it was obvious what caused the increase in attendance.

The Ron Paul supporters came to the meeting with the intent of being named as delegates to the Oklahoma fourth district convention and the state convention, where they hope to help send like-minded delegates to the national GOP convention later this year.

Matt Burke, Grady County coordinator for the Ron Paul campaign, alerted fellow Paul supporters to the date and time of the county convention and stressed the importance of signing up to be a delegate.

Burke and his wife, Michelle, who live in Blanchard, have been in contact with the Ron Paul campaign and county Paul supporters and undecideds. They also run a Facebook page for the candidate, "Grady County, OK for Ron Paul."

Part of the strategy of the national Paul campaign is to not only work towards winning the popular vote, but to also have high numbers of Ron Paul supporters as delegates to the national convention. Ultimately, it is the vote of the delegates, not individual voters, that decides who will be the Republican nominee for president.

In some states, delegates do not have to vote the way of the popular vote at all. Oklahoma is one of several states that requires its delegates to vote the way of the popular vote, but if in the first round of voting, no candidate receives the required amount of delegate votes - 1,144 - then a second vote is held in which all delegates can vote for whomever they personally choose.

With no clear front-runner so far in the GOP race, it is possible that no candidate will receive the 1,144 delegates and the second vote will decide who the nominee is. That's why Ron Paul supporters are working so hard to make sure those delegates are for Paul.

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