December 6, 2012

Kell prepares for last month in office

James Bright
The Express-Star

GRADY COUNTY — With a month to go in his term of service, Grady County Sheriff Art Kell said he isn't planning to change a thing.

"I'll keep doing things the way I have been all four years," he said.

Kell said he has prided himself on making sure his deputies lived up to his rigorous standards of law enforcement and although several of those deputies have left to department to pursue more permanent positions Kell couldn't be happier with their work.

"I am glad I could help them move on," he said. "I am real proud of a lot of our deputies."

Due to the lack of man power, Kell said he has found himself taking on more night shifts to make up for the loss, but that doesn't bother him.

"I enjoy counseling people on their family and work problems," he said. "I spend a lot of time out in the county and it has been a wonderful four years."

Kell said he quickly learned that being a sheriff is not all about law enforcement.

"It's about being concerned for the citizens and helping them when you can," he said. "You see all these people campaigning as a serious law man, and that's not really what it's all about."

Kell said the duties of a sheriff are vast and it's important to remember a person that commits a crime isn't always a criminal.

"We need to help people get back on track with their lives," he said. "It's about trying to be fair, not trying to arrest everybody."

Jim Weir will take office as Grady County sheriff on January of 2013.