November 24, 2012

Cold front prediction calls for motorist preparation

Mike Friend
The Express-Star

— Oklahomans have grown accustomed to freezing weather, power outages, and road closures, but with the ice season around the corner, Emergency Management services are asking drivers to always be prepared and pack the essentials just in case.

Grady County Emergency Management Director, Dale Thompson said, "It is important to have water, blankets, and even some food. You never know when you may run in to bad weather. Another thing to think about is extra medication in case you get stranded. One last tip would be take some kitty litter for the ice.”

Some internet make it easy to be prepared for such emergencies by offering kits that have all the necessities for roadside hazards and even for your home. The kits range from $29 to $600; depending on just how prepared you want to be.

Many blog posts say you can save some money and can customize brands by making your own kit however. One blogger wrote, "Most of the kits online do not include toilet paper... but if you're stranded, that is one of the first things that would make my list."

The experts say to hit the stores early though to avoid lines and items that sell out in harsh weather situations when Mother Nature is at its worst. Fuel containers, candles, sand bags, lighters, water, milk, soup, bread, generators, salt, batteries, lanterns, blankets, flash lights, and ironically enough "ice" top the list for items most purchased during an ice storm.

The last item mentioned on all the sites and by Thompson is a cell phone charger.

“Everyone has a cell phone nowadays but if it runs out of batteries it will be no good to you, maybe even an extra cell phone battery,” said Thompson.

An extreme cold front is set to hit next week according to national weather reports.