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October 12, 2010

Watson returns for Farewell Party Show

CHICKASHA — Another year older … and better than ever. The audience Saturday night at the Chickasha High School auditorium was treated again this year to the golden voice of country music’s legendary artist, Gene Watson, at his fourth annual Farewell Party Show.

Bruce McGrew of OK Music interrupted the performance midway to announce that Monday, Oct. 11, was Gene’s birthday. Now it was our turn to sing. The whole auditorium participated in a playful rendition of “Happy Birthday,” followed by shouts of “How old are you, Gene?” He graciously admitted it would be his 67th birthday, and the crowd responded with cheers, applause and a standing ovation. Gene said turning 67 was not something that he was necessarily thrilled about, but added jokingly that he had considered the alternative and decided turning 67 was the better of the two.

As we sat through over an hour of Gene performing one hit after another, it was hard to imagine that the voice coming from center stage was the voice of a man two days shy of his 67th birthday. Had McGrew not invited us all to congratulate him, Gene’s age would have remained a secret his voice would have never revealed.

He said the road was a pretty tough way of making a living at times, but his genuine love for what he did and the appreciation of his fans for his work keeps him going.

Gene and his Farewell Party Band, consisting of band members Chip Bricker, piano; Staley Rogers, base guitar; Todd Hinez, drums; Robbie Primm, steel guitar; and Willie Glover, lead guitar, gave us another memorable evening of song and laughter. As always, we’ll be eagerly awaiting the next time the group rolls into town. Happy Birthday, Gene, and best wishes for many, many more.

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