November 7, 2012

Note regarding Wee Care case causes controversy, harassing phone calls

James Bright
The Express-Star

CHICKASHA — A woman received threatening phone calls after a letter she sent home with children from Wee Care found its way onto Facebook.

Whitney McClure, a mother of a child in Wee Care, sent a letter home with some of the kids that attend Wee Care asking for donations to buy the two directors of Wee Care a massage, manicure and pedicure combo depending on how much money was donated.

Wee Care and former employee Kaitlyn Murphy are currently under investigation  by the Chickasha Police Department after video revealed that Murphy allegedly injured two toddlers in her care.

A picture of the note was placed on the Facebook group page, "Chickasha buy, sell, or trade and has resulted in McClure receiving numerous harassing phone calls.

The note also details a plan to donate a food item for all of the teachers at Wee Care.

"By no means are we trying to shed light on the matter, but instead trying to show that they handled the situation properly and professionally and to thank them for loving our kids and  thinking about their safety first and foremost," the note reads.

McClure's number was listed on the letter for donation information.  

Senior Pastor at First Assembly Church of God - the business that owns Wee Care - Paul Knight said he was unaware of the letter, but finds the situation to be ludicrous.

He said no member of the church or Wee Care's administration gave consent to send the letter out.

"Since when is it wrong to be kind," Knight said in regards to the letter being sent out.  

Desira Gwin, the mother of one of the children allegedly injured by Murphy, took a photo of the letter and placed it on her Facebook page.

"It has been brought to my attention that there is money being raised for two  teachers who lacked to watch video an who lacked to see the signs that my Son was being abused and people are wanting to raise money for these ladies to get a massage/ pedi/ mani this is disgusting if anything don't you think the little boy MY SON who is still Hurt by this should getting a donation for a happy meal a sucker a toy anything right now to put a smile on his face?" Gwin's words attached with the picture of the note reads.

Knight said Gwin's two children returned to daycare at Wee Care Monday, but were pulled out Tuesday morning.

McClure said she received a call from Gwin that night during which Gwin yelled and cursed at McClure for sending the letter out.

Gwin confirmed that she called McClure.

"I said To Whitney that being the mother of the victim I thought the letter was a joke to raise money for the 2 administrators who stated they where watching the video basically says they was just sitting and watching my kid along with other being abused and not doing nothing about it puts them at fault as well and if any money was To be raised maybe raise it for more cameras in the classrooms since apparently there was a few spots in the room that was not covered the spots my son was taken to and abused I said I thought it was disgusting she would even send out the letter and I talked to the pasture and he said they was not aware of the letter which concerns me that a letter about anything can be sent around to parents of every child at that school and the office administrators not have any acknowledge over what is being sent home was horrible and shows how much they don't pay any attention to the things that are apparently happening at there school the administrators should be humiliated about this letter and this parent should have thought a lot more about what she sends out to patents specially the parent of the innocent baby that was hurt," Gwin said in a Facebook conversation.

Chickasha Buy, Sell and Trade, which has more than 9,000 members, all of which could see the the picture of the letter.

Gwin said she did not place the photo of the letter on the page and doesn't know who did.

The photo was removed by the site's administrators.

Gwin did say in the comments section of the picture of the letter on her Facebook page that she wanted people to share the photo.

Knight said he doesn't know of any other parents that have pulled their children from Wee Care.

"The parents have been wonderful throughout this," he said. "They have been coming in and saying we support you."

Murphy currently faces two charges of child abuse by a caretaker and could face up to life in prison.