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November 13, 2013

Mother alledgedly employs minor daughter in attempted theft


A woman was arrested Nov. 10 after allegedly implicating her daughter in a shoplifting incident at Walmart. 

Chickasha Police Officer Gillian Rainey made contact with Daniel Mabry, an asset protection employee at Walmart. 

"Mabry told me he witnessed a mother and her child walk down a main aisle way toward the south entrance with a basket full of items," Rainey said. "The mother and the child passed through all points of sale without attempting to pay for the merchandise."

The woman was identified as Ratona Poor, according to Rainey. 

"Mabry said Poor was unable to produce a receipt for the items in the (child's) basket when asked for one," said Rainey. 

Poor told Mabry she was going outside to grab her food stamp card and didn't know her child was pushing the cart behind her Rainey said. 

Poor told her child her boyfriend was still in the store and she should go back in and find him. 

Mabry followed the child to the cosmetics area where she grabbed a coat from the front of a cart, abandoned the cart full of merchandise, and quickly made her way to the north entrance of the store. 

Mabry made contact with the child at the entrance. 

"She (the child) told Mabry her mother and mother's boyfriend, Michael Vansant, asked her to push the cart out and she knew it was wrong," Rainey said. 

Poor and her child had items in their cart totaling $222.79 before  tax, said Rainey. 

Video showed Poor, her child and Vansant walking through an empty register together and turning toward the south entrance of the store Rainey said. 

"When Mabry enters the frame and is going to make contact with (the child), Vansant tries to stop him and show him his receipt," said Rainey. "Mabry walked by Vansant, ignoring him, so Vansant left the store with his merchandise." 

After searching her purse for a food stamp card, Poor said "just arrest me and take me to jail," said Rainey. 

Poor was booked into the Grady County Jail for shoplifting and contributing to the delinquency of a minor.

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