November 5, 2013

Man tased after running from police during warrant stop

James Bright, Managing Editor,
The Express-Star


A local man attempted to flee police resulting in a short chase and the deployment of a Taser Nov. 2. 

Chickasha Police Sgt. Cliff Walker was driving northbound in the 1500 block of S. 12th Street when he saw Joseph Machado riding eastbound on W. Tennessee Avenue on a bicycle. Walker said he knew Machado had multiple warrants for his arrest. 

"I told Machado to sit down and he did as requested," Walker said. "l called him by his first name and asked him if he was Joseph. The male said his name is 'Jody B.' I told Machado, '| knew his name was Joseph Machado, and that he did not need to get a felony today.' Machado shook his head up and down in agreement. I told Machado that he had valid warrants. | saw a knife on his person and l took it from him and set it aside. I called dispatch and asked them to confirm warrants on Machado."

Walker said Machado kept moving around and his bringing his legs up like he was going to stand up. This behavior led Walker to believe Machado was going to run, according to an incident report. 

"I told Machado that he had warrants and to roll over so l could cuff him," Walker said. "Machado moved to his right and then jumped up and tried to run. l grabbed a hold of him and tackled him onto the ground. Machado landed on the ground with me on top of him. He put his hands out in front and brought his legs in attempting to get up. I deployed my Taser into his back. Machado fell flat on his face and stayed on the ground. l called for assistance. After one cycle of the Taser l gave commands to Machado to stay where he was. Officer Chad King responded to the scene and handcuffed Machado for me."

Dispatched confirmed Machado had seven warrants for his arrest. During a search of Machado, Walker found a plastic container with with a plastic baggie that tested presumptive positive for methamphetamine. A glass pipe was located in Machado's sock during a jail search. 

Machado was arrested for possession of methamphetamine and attempting to escape a lawful detention.