October 15, 2013

Verden receives large water grant

James Bright, Managing Editor,
The Express-Star


Verden is moving forward with a much needed  water project after receiving a $38,235 grant from the state. 

The Oklahoma Department of Commerce/ Office of Community Development awarded  Community Development Block Grant in the Water and Wastewater Engineering "Phase I" category for the project.

"Phase I funding will be used for project engineering, needed surveys, staking and administrative costs," a release from the Oklahoma State Senate detailed. "Phase II funds would be used to replace the current 4" line with a 6" line, this is because the old line is in disrepair and too small. The will give the Town of Verden an improved water supply, with the installation of additional valves, the town will be able to isolate breaks that will keep from shutting down the whole system."

Senator Ron Justice said the CDBG Water & Wastewater Engineering "Phase I" set-aside was developed to fund water and wastewater projects that require more than one year to complete through a "phased approach". 

Phase I of the Water and Wastewater program will cover only engineering costs, plus an appropriate amount of administration. This approach will ensure the most proper technical solutions to the applicants' water and wastewater problems within the budget that is available. Additionally, it will help improve coordination among other state agencies - both permitting and financing - and improve the timeliness of CDGB expenditures. Once the applicant receives the applicable Construction Permit, ODOC/CD will issue a Phase II award for construction.

State Representative David Perryman said the project's benefits will reach well beyond water. 

"This project will benefit over 600 residents not only with water and water quality but also with fire protection and that equates to an enhancement in the quality of life for the Verden community," he said in the release. 

According to the release, each year the Oklahoma Department of Commerce makes CDBG funds available to eligible incorporated towns, cities and counties. Funding is provided by the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD), through a competitive grant process that utilizes an established set of threshold and rating criteria all applicants must meet.