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October 15, 2013

Chickasha woman accused of selling drugs near school


Chickasha police officers arrested Chickasha resident Amber Boswell alleging she was in possession of a large, brick-sized portion of marijuana within 2,000 feet of a child care center.

Chickasha Police Officer Cliff Walker responded early Saturday morning to a residence on Oregon Ave., after receiving a disturbance report from a neighbor.

Walker said when he opened the door to the residence he could smell a strong odor of marijuana, so legally he was allowed to search to house.

Officers found the brick of marijuana in between a couch and end table, concealed in an orange metal tin. Inside the tin can was also paraphilia used for smoking marijuana, according to reports.

“Ryan told me that Clint may have tried to hide it (marijuana) when I knocked,” Walker said. ”I then seized the tin and opened it up where I observed a small compacted brick of what appeared to be marijuana, by sight and smell.”

Walker said he searched the five people inside the home but couldn’t find any drugs or anything illegal on them. Walker said he then took all of the occupants on the front porch and told them if someone didn’t come forward, he was going to place all of them under arrest for possession of marijuana.

Walker said at that point, Boswell came forward and told the officer the marijuana was her's. 

Walker said he field-tested the evidence at Chickasha Police Station number 1, and the results were positive for marijuana.

He said he seized 71 grams of marijuana, which is a little over two and a half ounces. With the marijuana still in the shape of a brick and the 12 separate baggies found at the residence, Walker said that led him to believe the marijuana was intended to be sold.

“I have personal knowledge that Howie Jackson’s wife, Kim Jackson, runs a daycare out of her residence,” Walker said. “That is located directly next door to the house where this incident occurred.” 

Boswell was booked into the Grady County Jail accused of possession of marijuana with intent to distribute within 2,000 feet of a childcare facility and possession of drug paraphernalia.

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