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September 19, 2013

Huffer alledgedly steals Huffy


Police reports say a man assaulted and stole a victim's bicycle after huffing paint last night.

Chickasha Police Officer Joel Hendrix responded in reference to an assault in the area of S. 9th Street and Ohio Avenue at 9:25 p.m. 

"Upon arrival I met with the (victim) and he said (Shannon) Ingram ran up behind him and hit him in the head as he rode his green bicycle," Hendrix wrote in a police report.  "(The victim) said that after Ingram hit him on the head, he  got on the bicycle." 

Ingram took the bicycle, described as a green Huffy mountain bike, and rode away, the victim said. 

Hendrix began a search for Ingram when he found a male and female couple walking down an alley. 

"I shined my light on the couple, and noticed the male holding what appeared to be a bag on his right shoulder blocking his face," Hendrix wrote. "I drove passed the two and as I did, I recognized the female as one that lives  Ingram. I looked at the male and now the bag was on his left shoulder. The male subject was holding it as to conceal his identity. As | drove passed (sic) him, | was able to positivity identify Ingram because of previous dealings with him. | also noticed the green bicycle with a chain and lock on it as described by the victim."

Hendrix said he could smell the odor of a chemical substance on Ingram'. The woman with Ingram said he had huffed paint that evening. 

"I noticed Ingram appeared to be flush in the face and spoke with a thick slurred speech," Hendrix said.

Ingram was taken into investigative detention and Hendrix took the bicycle back to the victim, who showed Hendrix a large knot on the back of his head where he claimed Ingram hit him. 

Ingram was placed under arrest for robbery in the first degree and public intoxication.

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