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December 8, 2013

DA stables Grady ice pony


Thursday morning's meth bust could keep the drug off the streets of Chickasha for some time. 

Grady County District Attorney Jason Hicks said the mutli-agency cooperative bust yielded the arrests of locally "huge targets." 

"A couple of them on that list were supplying all of Chickasha," he said. "This will do damage to the meth trade." 

Hicks said the 30 person sting will slow the meth trade down for awhile. 

"This will halt a lot of the sale until others step in to fill the roles of those we arrested," he said. "For the time being it should definitely slow things down." 

Hicks said the bulk of the meth distributed by those arrested in the bust was coming from Mexican drug cartels by way of Oklahoma City. 

"Almost all of the meth is coming from Mexico these days, and the connections with some of these guys are there," he said. 

Hicks said he looked into prosecuting many of the suspects under RICO laws for organized crime, but such actions can be difficult to try in court. 

"The counts we have right now are easier to prosecute," said Hicks."Just one count of meth distribution can yield 10 years in jail. And that's for someone with no priors." 

More than half of those arrested in the Grady County sting were charged with distribution. 


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