September 6, 2013

Victim claims man hit her with wood

James Bright, Managing Editor,
The Express-Star


A Chickasha man allegedly assaulted his girlfriend and his mother on Sept. 4, using a 2-by-4 piece of wood in at least one of the incidents.

Chickasha Police Officer Joel Hendrix was dispatched to Grady Memorial Hospital in response to an assault call where he met Roshannon Stephens, who said her boyfriend, Michael Gaston, was fighting with her in earlier in the evening.  

"Gaston took the keys from her car and her cell phone while Stephens was in the car," a CPD report reads.  "Stephens said she ran off from Gaston and he chased her to the area of  Missouri (Avenue) and Sheppard (Street). Stephens said Gaston used a 2-by-4 piece of Wood, and hit her on her hip. There are visible injuries."

Hendrix said he also noticed Stephens' right eye was red. He asked her if Gaston had hit her in the eye. Stephens said she could not remember, but he did strike her before taking her car keys. 

Stephens said Gaston her he was going to take her car to California.  

The report states a Grady County deputy was sent to 1215 S. 2nd St. to look for the vehicle. Upon arrival, the deputy made contact with Gaston's mother, Maria Givens, who was bleeding from the head. 

"Givens was intoxicated, but said that her son Gaston attacked her," the report states. "Givens had a laceration to her left eye. Givens refused any medical treatment against the recommendation of medical personnel."

A 16-year-old female and a younger child where located in the bedroom of Givens' house, where she alleged her assault occurred. 

The deputy said he found Stephens' car in the front of the house. 

"The Deputy said that the car was originally  parked in the back yard," the report reads. "This confirms Stephens' statement that Gaston took her car without her permission as she was originally in the back yard when Gaston took the keys to the vehicle. The deputy also that they had seen a 2-by-4 in the back yard during the initial call."

Gaston was arrested for domestic abuse with a dangerous weapon, assault and battery in the presence of a child and unauthorized use of a vehicle.