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August 29, 2013

Former CVTC annex take up residence on north side of town


Annex buildings from the Canadian Valley Technology Center have been spread across the north side of Chickasha, and are patiently awaiting new owners. 

"We've been trying to sell them, but people have not wanted to pay a proper price," Malisa Bramblett, co-owner of Washita Valley Construction and the annex buildings said. 

The buildings are composed of two sections which are joined together when in use. Currently, both portions of Annex 1 sit on a piece of land at the intersection of Frisco Avenue and 7th Street. Annex 2 is divided, and sits on two separate pieces of land on the north side of Chickasha. Both areas where the annexes currently reside are also owned by Washita Construction. 

"They took two buildings and sawed them in half in order to move them," City Manager Stuart Fairburn said. "Have to call that entrepreneurial spirit." 

Although Fairburn said he is fine with the buildings temporary home, he does see some possible issues looming in the future if they're not moved. 

"We do need to move them in a timely fashion," he said. "Right now, they're sitting out there, and that is an invitation for bad things to happen." 

Bramblett said should the company fail to sell the annexes they will be moved to a large portion of land north of Chickasha that Washita Construction also owns. 

Parties interested in purchasing the buildings can call Washita Construction at  405-224-7800. 

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