August 28, 2013

Domestic dispute leads to gun threat

James Bright, Managing Editor,
The Express-Star


A break-in at a house in Chickasha resulted in several threats including the possible use of a gun on Aug. 27. 

Chickasha Police Officer Reid Kerr responded to a disturbance call at 511 S. 11th Street. 

Kerr ordered all subjects out of the house upon his arrival, according to a report from CPD. 

"Troy Morgan and his 16-year-old cousin exited the premises and informed us the subject with the gun had fled," the report reads. "Troy told us that 'Lonnie,' had broken into his house with a gun and began to cause problems."

Lonnie was later identified as Deslawn Marzette. 

Marzette broke into the house after finding out Morgan planned to kick his female cousin, Monique out of the house, according to the report. 

"Monique told Lonnie, Troy was calling the police and Lonnie became furious," the report reads.  "Lonnie pushed his way into the house, flipped a table, showed his gun, and started kicking end punching Troy in the face."

Based on eye witness reports, the affidavit states  Lonnie told Morgan the next time he saw him, "he was going to shoot him." 

Morgan identified Lonnie at CPD's station in a lineup as Marzette who was charged with possession of stolen property.