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March 21, 2014

Trio arrested for alleged burglary of abandoned home


Three men were arrested Monday after allegedly taking approximately $2,000 worth of household items from an abandoned home in Tuttle.

Grady County Sheriff Deputy Ryan Lake said he saw Kurt Judkins walk out from behind some bushes at an abandoned home while on patrol.

That property had been watched over for two days by Lake prior to the burglary because of suspicious activity reports.

"Right after [Judkins] walked out to the road, a blue Dodge truck that was loaded with what appeared to be a washer and dryer and household furniture exited the property and turned east toward me," he said.

Lake said he stopped the truck and asked the driver, Terry Cooper, if he was allowed to be at the home and take the property.

Cooper said the bank gave him permission, so Lake requested information about the bank.

"[Cooper] said he didn't have [the bank information] and admitted he did not have permission," Lake said. 

He proceeded to arrest Cooper for the burglary, put him in the patrol car and left to find Judkins.

"Upon approaching the original location, I was waved down by a subject who stated he observed a silver Chevrolet truck exit the property and pick up a white male that was walking west," Lake said. "At this time, I alerted dispatch of the information and proceeded back to the traffic stop location."

He said Lt. John Drewery saw the Chevy at a Hop and Sack in Tuttle and placed the occupants into investigative detention until he could get there.

Lake said the truck he saw at the Hop and Sack had the same tag number the witness had described.

"At this time I observed [Judkins] who looked identical to the subject that I observed walk from the bushes," he said. "I asked [Judkins] what was going on, [Judkins] stated he was on the look out and was picked up by [Roy Littleton]…who was also exiting the property."

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