August 11, 2013

4-H banquet honors students

The Express-Star

GRADY COUNTY — Grady County 4-H Youth Development Organization held an achievement banquet on Aug. 8 where more than 100 were in attendance to see their child’s hard work pay off.

Liz Taylor, 4-H youth development educator for Grady County said 4H teaches life skills and allows the kids involved in 4-H to earn scholarship money so they can pursue a degree.

“4-H is a program for youth 9-19, and during the year their competing in different events like speech contests and poster contests, all contests that build life skills,” Taylor said. “At the end of the evening, we will induct two 4-H (youth) into the Grady County 4-H Hall of Fame, they will both earn a $500 scholarship with that.”

The way 4-H youth are able to earn awards at the banquet, like being in inducted into the Grady County 4-H Hall of Fame, is by keeping a record book containing all their accomplishments from the year.

“At the end of the year, around May, the kids will turn in a record book. A record book is an accumulation of what they’ve done during the year. This includes, how many community service hours they had, what workshops they’ve taught and what things they’ve done throughout the year,” Taylor said.

Taylor said, 4-H teaches the youth life skills they’ll use in the future.

“The big thing 4-H does for the kids, is help them build life skills,” she said. “They’re learning how to organize their thoughts for a speech and get up in front of a group of people and speak. All the record keeping they learned when they were involved in 4-H really translates into when they become adults,” Taylor said.

Many awards were given and the Grady County 4-H community recognized many 4-H youth. Two youth earned their right to be in the Grady County 4-H Hall of Fame.

Cody Walls and Ashtin Green from Amber-Pocasset were inducted into the Grady County 4-H Hall of Fame, which results in their their photos being displayed in the extension office and the reception of a $500 scholarship to go toward the college of their choice.