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October 24, 2013

Fight leaves man in hospital with facial fractures



Hagan said he did not stop his car for Music due to a high level of adrenaline and fear. He said he never hit Self with the baseball bat, but had hit him with his fists resulting in the cut on his hand. 

Hagan was uncooperative with questions regarding the bag he threw from the vehicle, according to Music. 

A juvenile witness of the crime said she saw Hagan assault Self. She said Self did bring a baseball bat out of his house in an attempt to make Hagan leave, but Hagan punched Self rendering him unconscious. The witness said she believed Hagan continued to assault Self after he was knocked out. 

Another witness, Travis Crochet, said he saw Hagan with the baseball bat in his hands and he saw Hagan swing the bat downwards in an area that was close to Self. Crochet said his view was partially blocked by Hagan's vehicle. 

Self was taken to Grady Memorial Hospital where he was intubated. He was then transferred to an Oklahoma City hospital for further medical attention in case of a brain bleed, according to the incident report. 

Self was reported to be in stable condition, but had some dental issues and sustained facial fractures. 

Hagan was charged with assault with a deadly weapon, possession of marijuana with the intent to deliver within 2,000 feet of a school, possession of drug paraphernalia and eluding a peace officer.

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