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October 10, 2013

Dorman gathers support at Chickasha meeting



However, he said the problem with this is these school districts would have to raise their property taxes above what it is right now. 

“Things like this are very emotional and I don’t feel it’s the right choice to ask the citizens to take on this new burden to do that,” Dorman said. “It would take a 60 percent vote to pass that bond and you are going to pay more locally.”

He said there is the possibility to use money from the franchise tax, which is currently not being collected. He said that money could be dedicated to this revenue stream and cover the bond deficit. That total would be $30 million to cover the debt service of the $500 million bond with the current rates.

Dorman said that would leave an extra $10 million coming in from the franchise tax.

He said if the bond initiative passes, he plans on running one last bill with the legislature before his term is up. This last bill would use that $10 million taken from the franchise tax to create a permanent rebate program in Oklahoma for individuals who qualify for assistance to build storm shelters at their home, mobile home, a university or in their communities.

Corporation pays the franchise tax and the franchise fee is paid for by state businesses, he said.

He said the ultimate goal is to have that idea spread across the state to help more individuals to be protected during the month of May.

Dorman said historically most tornadoes happen between 10 and 3 a.m. throughout the entire State of Oklahoma, except for one small portion of the tip of the panhandle.

“So everywhere in the State of Oklahoma is susceptible to tornadoes,” he said. “It could be an EF1 or an EF5.”

He reminded the Lions members that three years ago a tornado came right through Chickasha, killing one of his constituents.

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