March 14, 2013

Spirit hunters search Cottonwood Creek

James Bright, Managing Editor,
The Express-Star

CHICKASHA — The paranormally curious met at Yesteryear 50s Diner at Cottonwood Creek for an investigation lead by Brian Harnois, of Ghost Hunters, TAPS and Ghost Hunters International.

Chickasha was Harnois' second stop on his 2013 Dude, Run Tour. Harnois was contacted by the founder of the Chickasha Paranormal Research Society, Max Wagner.

The 50s themed diner was almost at capacity with a variety of ages and backgrounds making up the audience.

Harnois discussed the methods and equipment that he and others use on a paranormal investigation including K2 meters, electronic voice recorders, video cameras and a device which allows the listeners to hear electronic voice phenomena (EVP).

Harnois said that he shares his methods because, "I want to people to get results." He also encouraged the audience to read as much as they could about the paranormal.

Harnois said that hauntings could be categorized into angelic, demonic and elemental hauntings.

Harnois cautioned against using Ouija boards.

"99.9 percent of the time, it's not Uncle Fred."

Members of the Chickasha Paranormal Society, Harnois and guests divided into groups to investigate the grounds of Cottonwood Creek, the diner and the card playing room.

Wagner and Harnois reported that they witnessed paranormal activity that night. They saw shadow people and heard a little girl's voice say "I'm here with you." The team also communicated with a 20 year old female golfer, Harnois said.

Segments of the investigation will be on the Chickasha Paranormal Research Society's website (, Facebook ( and YouTube channel (, Wagner said.

The Chickasha Paranormal Society has performed four prior investigations at Cottonwood Creek.

Cottonwood Creek is owned by Fran and Jerry Morris. Fran said that she is also curious about some of the happenings on the old country club grounds. She has attended the investigations as well. Fran said that housekeepers have refused to work in the card playing room at night because "It sounds like someone is having a party in there."

Lisa Hatchett, Chickasha Paranormal Society member said that the investigators have liked Fran's enthusiasm. Fran responded, "I find it fascinating. Why not?"

Chickasha was Harnois' second stop on his Dudde, Run! Tour. Harnois has a book coming out in October.