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July 8, 2014

Search for missing person continues year after disappearance


A year ago Carla Eastep and her husband were on vacation. They didn't know when they returned home their 30-year-old son Tommy Raymond (Eastep) wouldn't be waiting. 

Little is known about Tommy's disappearance from the Lake Eufaula area. The Blanchard native was still in contact with his parents July 6, 2013. Everything went dark after that date. There was no contact, no more charges on his bank card and no information to give Tommy's loved ones any lead on his disappearance. 

A few months later, Tommy's car was found on a dead end road In Hughes County. Oklahoma State Bureau of Investigation Special Agent Ben Rosser said the vehicle was recovered, but there was no evidence of a struggle. 

"It wasn't stripped or burned," he said. "It's possible he (Tommy) stopped there and had car trouble." 

At this point Carla isn't looking for a miracle, but she would like to know what happened to her son. 

"We just need closure," she said. "I miss him terribly. Tommy wasn't the type to be away from home at all. He was very family oriented." 

 Given the lack of evidence, Rosser said anything is on the table. 

"You have to keep an open mind about investigations like this," he said. "We've had cases where people go out into the environment in 100 plus degrees and it gets them." 

Rosser said there have been plenty of leads in Tommy's case, but none have panned out. 

"This sort of thing happens quite often," he said. "We had a conference a few months ago in Edmond and I couldn't believe there were so many missing people in Oklahoma."

Regardless of Tommy's fate, Carla said she doesn't understand how someone can just disappear. 

"He just loved life," she said. 

Those with information on Tommy Raymond can call the Blanchard Police at 405-485-9391.

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