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July 2, 2014

Debut author to speak at Chickasha Public Library Summer Luncheon


A tale of mystical mythology and complex father-daughter relationships can be found in Stacy Shofner William's debut novel, "Of Shadow and Ash." 

"In the novel, Leslye Skyy is an old hermit obsessed with ancient lore and a lost city, while his daughter Jane longs for more than their solitary existence. The appearance of a mysterious artifact casts them into an adventure neither of them expect, uncovering long kept secrets that threaten to drive them apart and open the door to an ancient darkness that could bring ruin to the world," the author's website says. 

Williams will be the featured author at the Friends of the Chickasha Public Library Summer Luncheon at noon on Aug. 14 in the University of Science and Art Oklahoma. Call Christy Clift at 405.224.5342 for ticket information. 

The novel itself has an interesting back story. 

The book stemmed from a spinoff of one of William's characters in an online Star Wars fan fiction writing club. The story evolved into something altogether different, though still within the realm of sci-fi/fantasy.

As to wether fan fiction is generating more writing, for Williams the answer is a resounding yes. 

"There's so much out there and several of my friends have gone on to write and publish their own stories after writing a fan faction. It's great practice and a lot of fun," Williams said. 

Thought the novel may have drawn inspiration from Star Wars, "Of Shadow and Ash" is a different story. However, it should still appeal to science fiction and fantasy fans. 

"It's an interesting mix of fantasy and science fiction so I do think it would engage fans of either of those genres, Star Wars fans included."

The new author is not sitting back, basking in the glory of a debut novel. Williams has already begun to propel the story forward into a trilogy. 

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