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May 23, 2014

Committee discusses sales tax revenue and projects

CHICKASHA — Improving the water system is expected to be one of the more costly, yet important, endeavors for Chickasha in the next year.

The Chickasha Capital Improvements Projects Dedicated Sales Tax Oversight Committee met Wednesday to discuss upcoming projects and expenditures.

City Manager Stewart Fairburn said the city designated $896,100 from the CIP dedicated sales tax fund for adding pipe at a lower level at Fort Cobb Lake next year.

Fairburn said funds for the intake project come from CIP dedicated sales tax funds and water resources funds.

The intake project was originally anticipated to cost $500,000, but more recent estimates put the price at more than $1 million, he said.

The city awarded a bid for the chlorine system refurbishment project at Fort Cobb to Quicksilver Construction and voted to rebid the Fort Cobb intake project to reduce costs and meet additional state requirements during the May 19 meeting.

He said the city has to spend a total of approximately $75,000 on installing an emergency raw water pump at Fort Cobb because of the low water level.

"We're installing some pumps and some lines so if the lake level drops, there's not a break in water for Chickasha," Mayor Hank Ross said.

Fairburn said the city borrowed $9.8 million in bonds for clearwells and other projects this spring.

He said sales tax was $274,000 more than was expected this year, which will help pay for city operations and compensate for potential lower revenues in the future.

The Fort Cobb project will be discussed further at the June 2 council meeting.

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