July 14, 2013

Chaplains jam tunes for Shanaon Springs residents

The Express-Star

CHICKASHA — Equipped with an acoustic guitar and bongo drums, chaplains of Crossroads Hospice put on a show for Shanaon Springs Residence yesterday afternoon.

The artists covered classics by Johnny Cash and Louis Armstrong, to name a few.

Tenants clapped, sang and danced along with the two gentlemen, alongside staff and family members.

Chris Hamilton of Crossroads Provider Relations said she has visited Shanaon Springs Residence many times with the chaplains and it is always a pleasure.

“Crossroads Hospice is based out of Oklahoma City but we cover a 50 mile radius,” Hamilton said. “What is unique about us is, we stay as they decline at the end of life and we will set with them and we do what’s called, ‘Even More Care.’”

Hamilton said she travels the state hosting trivia and music events, as well as birthday parties and ice cream socials for nursing home tenants.

“We’re really getting big in the Tuttle, Blanchard, Chickasha area and we are just really excited to be here,” she said.