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January 26, 2013

Candidates show down over scholastic issues


CHICKASHA — Communication with public

Storm said that his phone number is published. He has taken calls from home and makes himself personally available to discuss issues. During school board meetings, visitors are welcome to discuss issues with the school board. If the discussion item is not on the agenda, Storms said the board cannot respond during the meeting, but that he makes an effort to contact the visitor on his own time to discuss the issue.

Copeland said that he would like to set up more public forums such as the one taking place during the candidate question and answer session where people could express their concerns. Copeland said he recognizes that not everyone is comfortable with speaking in front of the school board. He said he plans to use social media to allow these people to have a voice as well.

"If no one ever says anything, no one ever knows," Copeland said.

Vision for Chickasha Public Schools

Copeland said that his goal is to make Chickasha Public Schools a premier school district in Grady County. He said he wants others around the state to recognize Chickasha Public Schools and to hold the district as a standard.

Storms said he would like to nurture an ongoing vision, including improving the school sites Grand Ave. and Lincoln.

"That vision is a vision of growth, of seed planting, so there will be trees for your grandchildren and my grandchildren."

Closing remarks

One day, children will be our future, Copeland said, and it's important to invest in that future now. Copeland said that his experience as an educator gives him insight as to what it is like for teachers in the classroom.

"Everyone has a job to do … I don't want teachers to have to worry about their jobs," Copeland.

Storms said that his understanding of school finances are a benefit for the school board. Storms said he was concerned with the high turnover of the school board members and that two new members would already be taking seats on the school board since Joe Alford left and Karen Horn would soon be replaced. Storms said that this would probably be his last term, but that there were things that needed to be completed.

"I plan to continue to move forward."

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