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January 26, 2013

Candidates show down over scholastic issues


CHICKASHA — Monitoring the school budget

Storms said that school board members need expertise in school finances. Every month, the school receives a 40-60 page finance report and that he spends about six hours a month going through it. Due diligence is required, Storms said. He added that the school's audits have never had any major glitches, but that "there is always more want than there is money."

Copeland said he expects to see financial reports every month and is willing to put the time in going through them. He said it is important to review the budget and to question the budget as problems arise. Reviewing and planning ahead would be important, Copeland said.

Top three pressing issues for Chickasha Public Schools

Copeland said addressing the grade "C" is an important issue. He said that public understanding of how the school got the grade is an issue as well addressing the grade itself. Classroom support is another issue that Copeland plans to address. He said he would like to see teachers receive the materials that they need to succeed in their classrooms. Making sure the whole district is on the same page is also of importance, Copeland said, with regards to new technology. As well as making sure that teachers have the proper training.

The overall academic standing of the Chickasha Public School district is a big issue, Storms said. Academic meetings and regularly working toward better ways as well as enhancing facilities are some of the strategies currently being used, Storms said. Continues maintenance on school sites is also important, he said, rather than waiting until repairs get unmanageable. Storms also said that since the Sandy Hook Elementary tragedy, the safety of students has become a major focus and that drills and communication with law enforcement was already underway. Storms added that safety included not only the possibility of an attack, but natural disasters as well.

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