January 8, 2013

Council looks at new budget decisions

The Express-Star

CHICKASHA — The Chickasha city council met last night for the first time this year. One of the approved bids last night included the removal and installation of street signs in Chickasha.

Some residents may not be happy what budget the funds came out of.

"Why are we taking money from the sidewalk fund to pay for that," Councilman John Toland questioned. "A lot of sidewalks in this town that sure do need updating."

According to Fairburn, those funds were originally budgeted in the sidewalk fund but there is money leftover for this project.

"I'd like to see additional work be done on the sidewalks, where we can walk without having to walk in the streets," Toland said.

The timeline of the street sign installation will take no longer than two weeks.

Several other items were approved on last night's agenda including the use of a liquor store at 1708 S. 4th St. Also the counsel approved an ordinance for an at home child daycare that allows up to seven children at 110 Mockingbird Lane.

A contract with LA Terra Studio to prepare a park system was also approved.

"We're looking at improvements now," City manager Stewart Fairburn said regarding the new park system.

The council considered and approved a contract with Bordwine Development for the construction of drainage improvements at Number 1 Fire Station.

According to the council, a forty-five day time restriction will be put on this construction project.

Vice mayor J.E. Epperson II honored Daniel Perske for his twenty-five years of service to the citizens of Chickasha. Perske began his career as a Reserve Officer for the City of Chickasha in 1986. Over the past twenty-five years he has completed a numerous amount of specialized training courses including Special Response Unit, District 6-Raid for Task Force, Field Training Officer and Hostage Crisis Negotiation.

Dr. R.P. Ashanti-Alexander, a citizen and president of the local NAACP spoke out to the council last night.

"I'd like the council to look at what it means to represent the entire city," Ashanti-Alexander said. "I've grown up here all my life. I just wish that when you meet you consider meeting with people of the community that you represent."