May 9, 2014

Paper breaks national news, us and them mentality addressed

James Bright, Managing Editor,
The Express-Star


This week our newest and youngest staff member did something very exciting. She broke her first national story. 

Rachel Snyder's Thursday piece on the Facebook sting operation was aggregated in publications across the country. Positive news is always exciting. 

I heard a rumor that Jimmy's Egg was snooping around the old Arby's building on Grand Avenue. I spoke with Economic Development Council Director Christy Elkins and she told me she has heard the same whispers. No confirmation though, so sadly we all get to wonder a little longer about what's going to fill that location. 

On the subject of Elkins, I noticed her recent column sparked an interest in many readers. Calls and letters to the editor spoke about what I can only describe as an "us an them" mentality. Many of our readers seem to think their interests are not adequately represented by the current Chickasha leaders. 

So my questions to these readers are what do you want? What would you like to see? Where is the failure in communication and understanding?

Water is a common complaint, but the city has allocated millions of dollars to combat this problem. It is not an issue that can be fixed overnight. It will take many years of work to rebuild and repair the water issues in Chickasha. 

So, taking water out the equation, what is the most important issue in Chickasha today? 

Please write us and let our readers and the city leaders know, so your interests may be represented.